Sunny Health and Fitness P8100 Pink Indoor Spin Bike Review

If you love the colour pink and want a spin bike that is not only pink in colour but also offers loads features and will help your body get a good workout then you should go ahead and buy the Sunny Health and Fitness P8100 Pink Indoor Spin Bike.

This spin bike has been made especially to help you lose a large amount of weight in less amount of time. This spin bike is not only good for professional cyclists but also excellent for beginners and will not empty your pockets since it is not very expensive.

A company that has been known to provide some of the best fitness equipments for many years now is the Sunny Health and Fitness. However,at this price point you should probably read more spin bike reviews before making a final decision.

Sunny Health and Fitness P8100 Pink Indoor Spin Bike Review

This company manufactures products that offer gym like workouts at home and that too and very affordable prices. The products of this company are very durable and will last for a very long time.


The dimensions of the Sunny Health and Fitness P8100 Pink Indoor Spin Bike are 32 x 22 x 45”. The weight of this spin bike is 61 lbs. It can take a maximum user weight of around 240 lbs which is quite good.

This spin bike is made up of steel and thus is very strong. The seat and handlebars of this spin bike can be adjusted and it also has an LCD display which is excellent.


The Sunny Health and Fitness P8100 is one of the few spin bikes that has quite a lot of assembling to be done.

Assembling this spin bike should take you around an hour which is actually quite a lot but a good thing here is that all the parts and tools that you will need come with the spin bike. To make things slightly easy, you will get a manual too.


The Sunny Health and Fitness P8100 is made of steel and thus is a very strong spin bike. It has a flywheel that weighs 22 lbs which although is quite less but still offers a smooth and soundless workout and exercises each part of your body.

This spin bike also comes with an LCD display that will show you all the important information related to your workouts like your heart rate, distance you have covered, speed, calories burnt etc.

Sunny Health & Fitness pink elliptical monitor

The resistance of this spin bike can be adjusted using the dial knob as per your convenience thus making sure you do not end up straining yourself too much. The seat and the handlebars of the spin bike are padded nicely and ensure you have a good grip when you exercise and also add to the comfort you get.


As mentioned above the Sunny Health and Fitness P8100 Bike is an affordable spin bike and should cost you around $200 which is quite good considering the feature you get with this spin bike.

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WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine

WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine is beautifully built using ash wood and aluminium which is then varnished with Danish oil to give it a glossy finishing touch. The looks of this rower will definitely attract lots of attention, but looks aren’t the only good thing about this rower. It has very comfortable seats which slide back and forth on a black steel mono rail, providing a realistic rowing motion that gives you the sensation of rowing across the real stretch of water. Made from the finest quality Ash wood, this machine is very durable and lasts long.

WaterRower are known to produce the most efficacious, comfortable and durable rowing machines which are loaded with many features to enhance the rowing experience of the users. But some people find them bit expensive. A1 model comes in affordable price range and is a perfect option for those whom price is an issue. Let’s see what this low price WaterRower model has to offer to its users.



WaterRower A1 is a very simple to use rowing machine which uses water resistance system for generating the resistance that allows the user to exercise their cardiovascular system and muscles. This resistance can be adjusted by adding or removing the water from the tank. Water resistance based rowers are also quitter than the air resistance based rowing machines.

The seat is well-padded and perfectly positioned, making it really comfortable for the user to workout. The Handle is lightweight and diligently designed which allows the user to easily row for longer period of time. Also it is enfolded with foam to provide the firm grip and avoiding slipping of hands even when they are sweaty.

It comes equipped with basic monitor which is very easy to operate. It displays the all the rudimentary workout information such as distance, time, calories burned, stroke rate etc. Yes it do lack some features like heart rate reading which you find in advanced S4 monitor that comes with other models of WaterRower, but looking at its relatively low price you can’t really complain about it.

This rower is easy to maintain and store. Lift it from one side and store it in a vertical standing position. The caster wheels fitted at the bottom of the base makes it easier to move it around. It is also fairly simple to assemble this rowing machine. All the tools and accessories required to assemble are provided within the boxed package. An illustrated manual is also included with the package which helps the user in assembly process and explains all the other functions of this rowing machine.


Pros and Cons


  • Stunning looks
  • Smooth and quiet in operation
  • Affordable price
  • Controlled water resistance
  • Realistic and smooth rowing motion
  • Easy to Store
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light and easy to move
  • Sturdy built and durable


  • Fixed footrests (some may find it bit uncomfortable)
  • No advanced tracking features
  • Basic console, limited functions



All in all, it is an excellent rowing machine which is perfect combination of beauty and performance with in an affordable price range. It offers realistic rowing experience and is very effective in toning up your body. It do misses on some features but it is acceptable looking at its price. So if you are looking for a high performance rowing machine with good built quality that can last for a long time then WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine is the best option for you.

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Answering the question that trouble a lot of women

Breast implant surgery is the quickest way to increase the size of breast and is very well publicised method. But, research about it on internet and in few minutes you will know that there are lot of risks and side effects involved with it, not to mention the huge financial cost that comes with it.

May be that is the reason, more women nowadays are looking for natural options to increase their breast size as natural breast enhancement methods are less expensive and involves less or no risk. But are these natural options really effective?

There are many doubts on whether these natural herbs, food, vitamins or massages really works, because not much research is done on this matter. Therefore, there is no solid proof that states the effect of herbs and foods helps to increase the breast size.

But over the time many women have experienced and believed that these natural breast enhancement methods do work. Below we have presented the available facts about the natural methods, so that you can make your own decision about them.

Foods That Enhance Breast Size

Estrogens are important hormones in female body and are essential for the development of breast tissue. This led to the belief that eating estrogen rich food can increase the estrogen level in body and therefore result in enhancing breast size. These foods contain a substance known as phytoestrogens which literally means ‘plant estrogens’.

But phytoestrogens are not exactly the same as estrogens present in female body. Phytoestrogens are the weaker imitation of estrogen in our body and bind to estrogen receptors to boost the estrogen already available in our body to some extent. It is also very useful when estrogen level gets too high as it reduce it by binding to estrogen receptor instead of estrogen and applying their weaker action. This is actually good because excess of estrogen can cause many diseases.

Brestrogen is one breast enhancement product that uses phytoestrogens pretty effectively. However, if you’re interested in breast enhancement creams and pills then you should read these Breast Actives Reviews for a better understanding.
Below is the list of some foods which are rich in phytoestrogen.

  • Soybeans
  • Soy Products
  • Flax Seeds
  • Olive oil
  • Almonds
  • Blueberries
  • Onions
  • Peanuts
  • Garlic
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Dried Dates
  • Mint
  • Coffee

Therefore it can be said that consuming these foods is good for your body and can help you in enhancing the size of breast.

Quit Smoking for Healthy Breasts

Smoking cigarette increases the risk of Breast Cancer as toxins of cigarettes are very harmful for breast tissues. Other ways in which smoking affects the breast are by accelerating the aging process of skin, reducing the elasticity of skin and causes loss of collagen due to reduced blood supply. All these things make skin dry and wrinkly. Quitting smoking may not increase your breast size but it can help in keeping your breast healthy.

Massage Your Breast

Massaging your breast can help you in enhancing your breast size as massage stimulates the blood circulation in the targeted area and tone-up the muscle and skin. Breasts are a lymphatic tissue and massaging them will help to prevent any congestion and assists in drainage of the tissues. Massaging of breasts regularly helps you to keep them perky and may also increase the size of your breasts.

Natural Breast Enhancement Supplements

There are many natural breast enhancement supplements available in market. Breast Actives is one of such breast enhancement program which consists of supplement tablet, cream and exercise and diet routine. Both cream and tablet are made from hormone active herbs and helps you in getting fuller and perkier breasts. It is very safe and is becoming very popular day by day.

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